When you design a stand you have to find a balance between having an aesthetic presence at the fair and respecting the needs of the brand, being faithful to your corporate identity at every time. Creating environments is a resource that many designers use and for this, you must choose carefully the materials you will use for your stand.
At Publiverd Stands have incorporated two new techniques that allow creative and surprising finishes:

The printed carpet allows you to reproduce any image that the customer wants to personalize their booth and add details to the environment they want to create. Its price is very affordable, its placement at the fair is fast and its finish is surprising as it endows the booth with warmth and personality.

The vinyl flooring is another option by which we can opt for a perfect finish of the stand. Apart from the possibilities of a standard pavement of colors, there are many customers who take advantage of the excellent finish that is achieved with the printed pavement to give realism to your stand.

From the Technical Office and the Creative Department of Publiverd have been proposed different ideas: “printing on these materials gives great results; You can simulate an environment by recreating the tiles designed by Antoni Gaudí and placing customers on the famous “Paseo de Gracia” in Barcelona or transporting your stand to “Rua Augusta” in Lisbon thanks to the reproduction of Portuguese pavement.