Your attendance at a fair is a good way to make your business known in the sector, but your presence is not enough. We have to draw a strategy that runs from the design of your stand to external communication, and for that we have to direct our business towards the 2.0 mentality. It is not enough to have social networks, you have to know how to use them to get the most out of it.

To do this, we must anticipate the event and mark the communication objectives in advance: gather all possible information about the fair and the exhibitors, the activities that the attendees can enjoy and any innovative and surprising details offered by the fair. That will be your content, which you can program in advance on several platforms such as or

After you have a good content planning, it’s time to create auctions for your event. This has to be brief and simple, and must contain keywords (name of your fair, year if it is held annually and city). Also, it is important that you use the event’s hashtags ( will help you find the best ones). To finish, reflect your hashtags in a physical support and give them all the possible visibility.

By the time of the fair we can apply everything collected; Prepared with your content, auctions and drawings that you have created. Facebook and Twitter are your allies. They are the social networks that best adapt to the frenzy of an event, and their instantiating will give you the presence you are looking for. If you also have an interactive screen in your booth, you can transmit all the content tagged with the upg that you have created previously.

And should we leave social networks once the event ends? We just have to choose new allies. The blog will allow you to analyze your results and transmit the experience from a more complete view, while Youtube will allow you to create viral videos using a personal tone with your audience. It is advisable to continue creating content on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, giving much importance to feedback with the contacts you met at the show. These tips will give you notoriety in the sector, providing you with new contacts and loyalty to your customers.