Greenery is the “it” color of 2017 according to the Pantone color institute, and we’re glad that this fresh and luminous color is accompanying us this year.Our designers already introduced it in their designs, and are associating it with a myriad of textures and different color palettes. We would like to share with you some pieces of advice on how to use the modish color.

Tropical jungle: If you are the bold type, you can go for contrast in order to create a daring and verdant place. If you have spacious places and have chosen dark colors for the walls and the decoration, greenery could be a great ally! It will brighten the room and highlight the most important places.

Enchanted forest: If on the contrary you’re the conservative type, you can combine it with grey tones that never fail when it comes to decoration. Moreover, this shade of green pairs well with warm materials like wood, wicker and copper. It’s a very versatile color capable of catching the attention wherever it is use.

The boldest are already using it on walls and the results are really nice though it’s necessary to check first that the chosen place is open and spacious. Combined cautiously, it will build a design full of light with a young and modern atmosphere.

 If painting your wall in greenery seems excessive, you can use it in a lesser extent relying on small green details paired with plants and build a natural and refreshing ambiance. It’s always a safe bet in outdoor area, but it can result well in any places thanks to its malleability.